Its official the new champion of the Ghetto League is Nicho! Congrats kid and welcome to the Champions Club. It will be an honor to have our 5th member of the club. This is for all of you guys who have doubted Nicho when he drafted 2 QB’s with the same bye week… Haha.. Nicho gets the last laugh and ends the dark and gloomy reign of Joey Burger the worst champion to ever reign over the Ghetto League.

Its Time! The Ghetto League Championship is set!

Joey Burger squares off against Nicho for all the marbles. Burger looks to cement his legacy as the greatest Ghetto Leaguer of All Time by grabbing his 3rd Championship. If Burger wins it again this year you might want to consider calling him the Tom Brady of the Ghetto League, minus the good looks of course. Nicho is the only one that can stop Burger from achieving Ghetto League immortality. Will Nicho stop Burger from getting his 3rd title and finally get his lifetime membership to the Ghetto League’s Champions Club? Can Nicho become the 5th person to ever win Ghetto League gold? We are only week away from crowning our Champion?

Only one can win, who will it be?

Yessss it is time for the Ghetto League Playoffs and the Loser Bracket Championships!!

First of all we have the returning Ghetto League Champion Joey Burger two wins away from becoming the first ever back to back Ghetto League Champion. ¬†Secondly we have Egg three wins away from becoming the first ever back to back loser bracket champion. ¬†Thirdly we have Team Brown making another appearance in the playoffs and could be forming something they call a “Dynasty”.

Stay tuned the Ghetto League is about to crown its CHAMPION!